I have numerous photos of shadows over the years. All of varying quality, I have never been particularly fussed if they satisfy certain technical criteria, as long they have some significance with regards to when, where and why I took them. Having said that, when I look at these old pics, I know what I would do today to improve them. All well and good with today’s equipment, but I don’t think I’m any more patient. Lately I have been following Bird Photography Australia’s facebook page. The photographs are extraordinary, and they are welcome respite from the constant depressing political news and opinion mongering that social media indulges in. The patience and technical mastery of these photographers amaze me, but I have no wish to emulate them. I like what I do now, and I will continue to improve at a pace that is dictated by only me, as it should be.
I have added below a couple of pics I took around 1980; one of sheep on a sunny Winter solstice and another of me. Added for WordPress Shadow



In a past life I have enjoyed bushwalking. It has often been associated with reaching the top of mountains and checking out the fantastic views. But not always. I have done bit of cycling as well; in retrospect, I think I used this as way to get me off cigarettes. It worked. I may need to return to cycling and more walking for different reasons now.

Some of these photographs have been taken in the Victorian Alps. In height, they are similar to the Appalachians in the US.


Some previously published night snaps here. Nice to put them together.


Unlike the wet countries that most of my blogging mates live in, Australia is not really known for its lakes. Unless you live in Tasmania or in the outback after a flood. A large percentage of lakes in Australia are really man made (thanks Joanne) reservoirs. Here is a small selection.


This could be a tad boring. But I love photographing faces, particularly unposed. Some of these are from a long time ago; before I was born.

Blog for blog’s sake. A.

Blogging has not been high on my list for most 2016. I can probably come up with lots of excuses why but I think they would be wrong. It’s just mild depression,  I just shut down on a lot of things. Anyway I thought I would unofficially add to the April thingo challenge as well. Why not. I’m a bit late – but not in the Western Hemisphere. Here’s A. Astronomy.

Monster Heat

About 9 months ago I bought a cheap red filter for bringing back the good old black and white days; making blue almost black. Well my digital/analog attempts so far have failed. There is probably a way I can do this digitally. Below is the B&W and white heat small

The weather today is disgusting. Tomorrow will be worse. Hot north winds 36° today 41° tomorrow and everything is tinder dry. I think the original is more appropriate. I need some good news for Christmas; not this stuff.summer heat