With a macro lens, some of the best photos you can get are right down in the earth. I am far from being competent at this skill. But it is so much fun when that inspiration comes along.

The Pyrete State Forest is a dry, rarely visited forest near where I live. I love to visit there when I have the time. See more earthy photos here


Well, I don’t really study plants. I like to take photos of them sometimes.


Oh and btw I just noticed there is a registration process for this April; apologies for ignoring it and not becoming #1994 but my energy levels have not allowed it.

Eye Spy a (phasmid) no, a mantis.

Stick insects or Phasmids are beautiful insects. This one was on our window yesterday. Here’s an interesting fact, amongst many, about Phasmids. Added for WPC Eye spy

“Reproduction Many female phasmids do not need to mate in order to produce fertile eggs. This form of reproduction is called parthenogenesis and all the eggs produced will hatch into females. If the females do mate with a male before producing eggs, the nymphs (babies) may be male or female.”¬†

Phasmids have nutted out how to get rid of us males. Something to ponder.stick insect 1stick insect 2