This last weekend just has been an uplifting experience, spent with family and friends in wonderful weather by the beach. Glorious sunsets of course. We watched tonight’s set over the bay near Melbourne, on the drive home – we avoided all tunnels. These snaps were taken on Sunday while sitting at the beach with a beer, some cheese, biscuits, a ukulele, and good friends. Does it get any better than that?


Some previously published night snaps here. Nice to put them together.


I am obsessed with distance. There is a view near where I live where I can see a 1500 m mountain; I can see it between a gap in the great divide.

It is 120 km away. Australia is old and flat, mostly. To see this far is unusual. We don’t have any Rockies, Himalayas, Andes, or Swiss Alps. Tasmania is craggy, but it’s highest peak is a little over 1600 m. I have seen further than 120 km over land before (in Aus) but only when I have been standing on mountains looking over to other mountains. It’s 440 m elevation where I live and most mornings I see my mountain. This keeps me in check.

Back at Rosebud

We’ve been back at Rosebud for a few weekends now. Its been a bit of frantic start to the late Summer beach visit; with the puppies all going in the first and second weeks of February.puppies 30 01 16One is missing from this pic. She left us the previous day.

So we headed down to Rosebud, on the southern base of Port Phillip Bay in Victoria. I like to sit on the beach at sunset; have a drink and some nibblies. Take some pics. These were taken on February 16.

I took a few more last night, February 28. Apologies for the monotony.