I am obsessed with distance. There is a view near where I live where I can see a 1500 m mountain; I can see it between a gap in the great divide.

It is 120 km away. Australia is old and flat, mostly. To see this far is unusual. We don’t have any Rockies, Himalayas, Andes, or Swiss Alps. Tasmania is craggy, but it’s highest peak is a little over 1600 m. I have seen further than 120 km over land before (in Aus) but only when I have been standing on mountains looking over to other mountains. It’s 440 m elevation where I live and most mornings I see my mountain. This keeps me in check.


Songs as pictures: Sunday Stills

I thought this would be easy. But they would end up being too obscure. The first one is obvious. The second one was taken at sunrise from Port Phillip Bay over the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne. For Sunday Stills.

moon and tree

This one is a Beatles song sunrise over Melbourne