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I admire women in developing countries. They work so hard without all the luxuries we have in the west. On top of that, they can maintain an appearance of cleanliness and are often demure. The following are photographs I took at Dong Ba Market in Huế.

The fish is so fresh. They only have ice to keep it cold; you would soon know if it wasn’t.fish dong baAdded for WordPress challenge “Admiration


Some previously published night snaps here. Nice to put them together.


I dig faces, but they always see the camera and get all shy …or… pose 😦 or to be honest, I’m not patient or quick enough. Added for Ailsa’s Faces.    Chiang MaiThailandThai hill tribe girl

faces 4

faces 5

Bangkokfaces 6

On the train to the “Bridge over the River Kwai”faces 2

faces 3

Grand Palace, Bangkokfaces 7

This baby elephant’s name was James Bondelephant face

Collecting lotus flowers at the Emperor’s tomb in Hue.faces 8

Ha Long Bay: Grey

In 2013, we visited Vietnam and part of that extraordinary country is Ha Long Bay. It rained and rained; we encountered some trickery on the boat we were travelling on as well. Despite all this we still managed to see what a beautiful place Ha Long Bay is.

A break in the weather

A break in the weather

Lack of environmental control 1

Lack of environmental control 1

Lack of environmental control 2

Lack of environmental control 2

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