Some previously published night snaps here. Nice to put them together.



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Blog for blog’s sake. A.

Blogging has not been high on my list for most 2016. I can probably come up with lots of excuses why but I think they would be wrong. It’s just mild depression,  I just shut down on a lot of things. Anyway I thought I would unofficially add to the April thingo challenge as well. Why not. I’m a bit late – but not in the Western Hemisphere. Here’s A. Astronomy.

The South Celestial Pole

Pole star or Polaris; no we do not have a pole star in the Southern Hemisphere. To most, it’s not all that important, but I like to use it to find out where south is at night or to line up star trail pics.

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Draw a line through the long beam of the cross and continue the line below the cross until meets a line which emanates from between Alpha and Beta Centauri perpendicularly.

Orion in the Southern Hemisphere

Summer is special time for stargazing in the south. Firstly, it’s warm outside but most importantly we have Orion and the Seven Sisters to wonder at. We don’t call it Orion, however, but the Saucepan or the Pot. Check it out.orion and seven sistersThe Pot is to the right of the tree; the Seven Sisters or Pleiades to the left.

My muse: The Moon, Planets and Stars

Change, change, change; that’s what expected of us all. It has always been the case but the turnover is a little faster these days. If this bugs you, like it bugs me, go outside on a clear night and look at the Cosmos. If you live in a dirty city get out of it for a night. This will remind you, most conclusively, that nothing much has changed. I photograph it every now and then. I have been for 35 years. I am a beginner at it but maybe I’ll nail it in the end. In this photograph I have inadvertantly captured the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), a satellite gallaxy of the Milky Way. I was rapt when I spotted this, because I did not expect it. There is a Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) as well. Next time I will capture both.looking south shortest day 15See more examples of muse here

Venus and Jupiter: June 11 2015

venus jupiter 11 06 15

Venus is brighter again, Jupiter is fainter. They are appear to be getting closer to each other. Imagine  you are at a rock concert with semi-circular audience. In the above view you can’t see the stage (the sun). You are sitting on the left hand side of the stage (facing the stage) Venus is in the middle and half way closer to the stage. Jupiter is almost all the way on the other side of the stage and right up the back row of the seats.

Venus and Jupiter 2015

I have been a bit obsessed with Venus and Jupiter of late. I have been watching the two of them now since late January, when Jupiter was above the eastern, and Venus above the western horizons just after sunset. Since then Venus has been moving retrograde, that is, every night it has been appearing to be higher in the sky and closer to the east. At the same time, Jupiter has been moving closer to west at approximately the same rate as the stars around it do through the passage of time. Venus will discontinue its retrograde motion on 7/6 and slowly start heading back down towards the Sun; it will reach inferior conjunction with Sun 15/8. Jupiter and Venus will be together (in our sky) 1/7. If you draw a 60/30 right angle triangle, with the hypotenuse between the Earth and the Sun, Venus would be at the right angle with the 30° being at Earth. (These angles are very approximate) Jupiter, on the other hand is almost completely on the other side of Sun. This makes it a huge distance away and it is still very bright. Venus and Jupiter tonight at home.venus and jupiter 27 5 15