Some previously published night snaps here. Nice to put them together.

Spice of life

I love Thailand. I love their version of spicy food. While in Chiang Mai, I went for a wander through a local market when I came across this amazing sight.

These colourful curries oozed beautiful spicy odours. 30b for small serve. 60 b for a large. I had already eaten so I did not indulge, but I wish I had. See more spicy ideas here.

Later on, at this market, I noticed loud music playing. Then all of a sudden the music became more formal and everybody was motionless, except for us farang. We joined them for the remaining 45 seconds, then continued with exploration.


I dig faces, but they always see the camera and get all shy …or… pose 😦 or to be honest, I’m not patient or quick enough. Added for Ailsa’s Faces.    Chiang MaiThailandThai hill tribe girl

faces 4

faces 5

Bangkokfaces 6

On the train to the “Bridge over the River Kwai”faces 2

faces 3

Grand Palace, Bangkokfaces 7

This baby elephant’s name was James Bondelephant face

Collecting lotus flowers at the Emperor’s tomb in Hue.faces 8