Kookaburras are beautiful big birds. They are member of the Kingfisher family. Their laughing call is one of the most pleasant sounds you can hear in the Australian bush.


I’d like to take more photos of birds but I lack mainly 2 things; patience and the right gear. We have some beautiful birds visit us here at home. At the moment we are surrounded by families of blue wrens. They are tiny birds, the male having beautiful blue colouring, usually together with harem of light brown females. One has been pecking continuously at our toilet window; fluttering from side to side, often with one of his girlfriends. He can see his reflection and thinks it’s a rival. This makes aiming a bit more difficult while been fascinated by the bird (sorry – too much info)blue wrenThese photographs weren’t the easiest to take. The birds have made a mess of the window and I had to over-expose to overcome the silhouette effect. No, it is not snowing outside.male blue wrenJo has since removed the garden cage, cleaned the window and painted on some whitewash. The screened window still lets in light as he could not see his reflection there. Now he can have a bit of a break from his rival. The girls are saying “where’s he gone?”Here’s a pic of another male on the north side of the house.blue wren 2