6 thoughts on “Circles

    • I don’t take so many star trails these days, as it is a little more difficult with digital. To be honest, I can’t remember the exact details of this pic, except that it was probably for about 2 hours and stopped down to F8, using black and white film. I was taking many in those days, so I had served my trial and error period. Thanks for the compliments Joanne.

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      • Well, yes you get the instant results with digital but long exposures churn through battery life, so you need to connect to a AC source which limits your portability. You also need to turn off the background; a feature my camera can do, but requires a level of thinking that I can’t be bothered with at the moment. A lot of trails these days are on for a few seconds, then off for a long a period of time, repeating. Once again, a level of dedication I am not prepared to countenance.


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