While in Italy it was easier to say Venezia, Roma, Napoli etc. Now back in Australia, I am happy to revert to the anglicised names.

Is Venice special? Of course it is. It is an extraordinary place. If I was to return to Italy would I return to Venice? I don’t think so. I feel that Venice is being hammered, and needs to be continued to be hammered for its survival. While we were there, some locals were protesting at the number of tourists. I’m sure a lot of the traders do not see it that way. I’ll never see anything like it again. I want that memory to remain positive.

9 thoughts on “Venice

  1. I would like a redo on Venice. My first time there wasn’t very good – I didn’t feel well and my memories are mostly of an unhappy fog.

    Sadly, I think Venice is only one of several European cities that have mixed feelings about the swarms of tourists that descend on them every summer.

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    • Most people I speak to have mixed feelings about Venice. And the most common complaint is too many people. We stayed 5 nights, so we were able to see quiet Venice as well. There was a sadness to Venice I can’t pin at the moment. Maybe a feeling that it is doomed, I’m not sure. Jo and I would like to return to Burano and stay there. It was quiet and beautiful. I liked Lido too, but it was more like a quiet Italian coastal town, rather than a Venice add-on. The museums and galleries at Venice are so special.

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  2. Thanks for bringing back happy memories, Mick. We visited in February, many years ago. Very cold but not many tourists and a good excuse to stop for coffee or hot chocolate drinks. I agree that sometimes memories are better than a return trip. Looking forward to more of your Italian tour 🙂

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  3. Venice is my favorite city in Italy. My parents come from the Veneto region, from a small village about an hour away. I’ve been to Venice three times and each time I’ve fallen more in love with it. Such a magical place. Great shots Mick.

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  4. Nice photos. I agree with your comments about the deluge of tourists. There’s much concern about the monster passenger liners that dock close to centro, looking like an aquatic version of Manhattan, creating waves and wrongly intruding. I also don’t intend to return, in spite of sharing your feelings about Venice magical qualities.

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