Blue Grotto Shine. Isle of Capri

Back in September 2016 I visited the Isle of Capri, near the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We visited the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) on our journey around the island. It was still very much the early shoulder season, and the weather was perfect, so the flocks were out to see this natural wonder. I thought it maybe a tourist con, but it was very impressive. The blue shine in the grotto is due the red light from the sun being filtered out  by the water in the narrow entrance. If you choose to visit, do not be bullied into paying a tip to the boatmen. Ours suggested that is was mandatory to pay him, sang for only half of the time others were singing, and threatened me (jokingly) for not giving him a tip. Others may not get the Isle of Capri can be an exxy place to visit. Plan well and you can do it relatively cheaply. Did I plan well? No. But I did enjoy the day. Either catch the Circumvesuviana from Naples to Sorrento and travel by boat from there or go direct from Naples. By all means, do stay in Naples, as it is a wonderful city. We came over from Amalfi. If I was to return, I would consider staying in a B&B and having a good look at the island.

11 thoughts on “Blue Grotto Shine. Isle of Capri

    • Ooh, that song! It’s a camping favourite/non-favourite for many years now. We’d already paid $20 each for the pleasure, which I thought was fair. I don’t mind tips. I mind being harangued. Thankfully he had got us to the other side before whinging about the non-tip payment.

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      • Yeah, I’m with you. It’s the hassling that gets me too. Still, sounds like it was a pretty good trip. I’d love to get back to Italy one day and do the Amalfi Coast. It’s the one part I haven’t seen.

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    • One of my best alimentary experiences was on Capri. Up until last week, I was resolved not to return. Hey, I have to get back to Italy first. A friend reminded me of the attractions I did not have time to visit. A lot of the time lost there was waiting to gain entry to the grotto. Maybe visit it at the end of the shoulder, if at all. It is closed in Winter and in bad weather. The island has good public transport and the views are spectacular. There remains many pockets of history as well. Ischia looks interesting also.

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      • I could also send you a ridiculous list of other places well worth visiting, should you return. That’s always the problem with Italy- to go back to one lovely place means missing out on some other towns and regions. I think there are enough places in Italy to warrant a life time of annual visits.

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      • Yes, I’m sure you can. Roberto, a liker of this post, has added an excellent description of Verona. The villages in the hills behind Venice and Trieste look beautiful. Trieste itself looks fascinating. Then there’s Italian and English speaking Istria in Croatia. Without even mentioning the south or Sicily (oh I did mention them), there’s Umbria and Abruzzo. Its too much.


    • Thanks Janet. We had a great trip. I must learn how to report on negatives without giving the impression that they had an adverse effect on the experience. I want to be able to still report on negatives 😊


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