The end of Summer at Port Phillip Bay, Victoria

I have spent a very relaxing, and focussed (no, not focused which would rhyme with accused) week down at our caravan by Port Phillip Bay. Like my sister, Francesca, I took a few snaps there. Check hers here. It is a beautiful place but if you want to know a little more, check my sister’s words. Added for Ailsa’s environmentenvironment benvironment 0environment aenvironment 1environment 6

5 thoughts on “The end of Summer at Port Phillip Bay, Victoria

    • Thanks Joanne, the water was touchable, as I was in my kayak. I became so tempted by it, that I would moor at sandbank, and jump in and float around for a short time. The water temperature is about 20°C.


  1. I also loved the last two water photos and am impressed, super impressed, with your water camera. One will be purchased shortly by Mr T. You were so fortunate to have such glorious weather for a bit of kayaking and bike riding. Photographer’s delight. Thanks for the link back to my words, appreciated. My words are your words any day. F

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