Farewell Marjorie

Marjorie was a 1967 Holden Ute which, up until February this year, was patiently waiting for me to restore her. The dreadful fire that ravished our property placed her beyond repairing. My partner Jo bought her in 1975 and drove her until 1988 when the she threw a rod! I replaced the 186 engine with a 161 which I got for $30 and she got to live for a few more years. Does she qualify for Cee’s car parts? Probably not, but I’ll chuck her in for a laugh (and a cry). She really was only a part of her original existence when she de-parted.marjorie goneMarjorie off to the metal recyclers.Holden_HK_Kingswood_Utility smallWhat Marj should have looked like. Photo author GTHO with permission wikimedia

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