Sense of smell: Olfactometry

Testing my colleagues for sensitivity to odour is about 20% of my job. I use an olfactometer to perform this test. This is commonly referred to as an odour panel. I love this part of my job because I get to relate to many people at very fundamental level. These photographs do not go anywhere near explaining why this occurs. Basically most people have no idea how sensitive they are to odour and that sensitivity is also very subjective. Added for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of smell.

The odour panellist

The odour panellist

What the odour panellist sees while the test is being conducted

What the odour panellist sees while the test is being conducted

sense of smell 3

The odour panel operator: Me!

The odour panel operator: Me!


7 thoughts on “Sense of smell: Olfactometry

    • Thanks Joanne. I work in the environmental industry. People are tested so they understand how sensitive or insensitive they are to odour. They are also assessed on their consistency. This test is certified, so they can then use this information in a court of law.

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      • That is really interesting. You just helped provide further proof of my theory that there is now a certification for virtually everything!!
        I’m assuming this is consistent with other international jurisdictions?
        I have a niece who works in the environmental industry – specifically as it affects agriculture – and was in Australia a few years ago conducting a series of lectures.
        Sadly I know very little about what she does. I think I need to have a conversation with her someday!

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